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It's a Puzzle...

One of my favourite things to do is create whole school artwork pieces. This spring I'm working with a local elementary school and creating a giant puzzle with each student creating their own 9 x 9 inch piece. The theme is Interconnected Community with classrooms chosing a word to illustrate. Each classroom will be united by a background colour but the artwork the students create will be their own.

For a project like this to happen a lot of work happens behind the scenes before any of the painting can be done. The plywood for the pieces was donated by TOLKO

The pieces were individually routered out by friends of mine Jack Vissers and Brian Kroeker with help from The Mens Shed and their collaborative community projects

Once the puzzle pieces were cut out, they were filled, sanded and primed in preparation for the students to

paint. The painting begins this week and I will try to remember to take some pictures to share in the next post.


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